Canyon Vista Motorcycle Tours

Canyon Vista Motorcycle Tours

Canyon Vista Motorcycle Tours

The Guided Tour D'Tioga County Special Weekday Tour

Is your Motorcycle group planning a tour to North Central PA and/or the Finger Lakes area of New York? Looking for a specialized touring event experience, rewards for a Business Team, or just a good time with a group of like minded friends? Let Canyon Vista Motorcycle tours take the work out of the planning with our customized guided tours.

Car Clubs welcome. CVMcTours can provide motorcycle escorts with customized tours and lodging, great meals, special attractions and appropriate scenic routing for a unique and memorable vintage, hot rod or modern car experience. Call us.

Bob Williams, our knowledgeable and experienced tour director, will lead you over the back roads and scenic byways of Pennsylvania and New York. Travel the winding Allegheny mountain roads. Follow the path of beautiful rivers. Rattle across historic covered bridges. Enjoy the thrill of multiple elevation changes from high vistas to deep gorges and canyons. Visit special attractions featuring regional history from lakeside lore to racetrack legends.

What are CVMcTours?

Each tour is a complete package including a welcome hospitality party (or dinner), door prizes, lodging, most meals, expertly guided single or multi-day tours to fit your group’s interest and capability over scenic, paved roads. Our Tour Director and his crew of escort riders are great story tellers as well, and know the history and folklore of the area. Enjoy the travel from the comfort of your own motorcycle, and share the joy of riding with your friends.

Canyon Vista Motorcycle Tours

We do all the work, plan the tour, make all the reservations for rooms and meals, and purchase tickets for special attractions. You just come and enjoy. No need to make those sometimes difficult group decisions about where to stay and what to eat or see. One pre-paid price covers the whole package. All you need is extra cash for gas, souvenirs, and an occasional snack or extra meal.

We refer to our tours as Cloverleaf Tours because they begin and end in Historic Wellsboro, PA. Each tour is a loop of 185 to 250 miles, which eventually brings you back to your lodging in Wellsboro, where you can enjoy a stroll along our gas lit boulevards, and partake of ice cream, a late night snack, or libation in one of our Main Street establishments.

Our Tours

Big Woods West Tour

Our regular tours include the ever popular Big Woods West Tour. Experience a day of up and down twisty two-lane roads, a possible old fashioned picnic, and the dramatic vistas from Hyner View. Visit the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, the tragic Austin Dam site, a quaint Victorian community, and a PA turn-of -the-century Railroad town. Enjoy an evening meal in the bottom of the PA Grand Canyon at Pine Creek water's edge and return to the comfort of your Wellsboro Lodging.

Canyon Vista Motorcycle Tours

Glen Curtis ~ Finger Lakes ~ Watkins Glen Tour

Just as popular is the Glen Curtis ~ Finger Lakes ~ Watkins Glen Tour. Travel across the PA/NY border through villages and scenic farm land to Watkins Glen, NY, home of the famed Watkins Glen International Raceway and the Glen Gorge. Enjoy lunch in a renovated rail road station overlooking the 27-mile length of beautiful Seneca Lake. Take a loop on the original Watkins Glen Grand Prix road course, and if the timing is right we can even arrange for your group to take laps behind the pace car on the famous Watkins Glenn International Raceway. (Note: this is an option that is not always possible due to track racing schedules). Perhaps your group will want to schedule time to hike the gorge, or we can travel to the foot of Keuka Lake and visit the Glen Curtis Airplane and Motorcycle Museum. We’ll return to Historic Wellsboro’s gas-lit boulevards for evening dinner (either on your own or as a catered tour option) and lodging.

Canyon Vista Motorcycle Tours

Woods, Water, History East Tour

Your group might prefer the Woods, Water, History East Tour tour. Curvy roads set up a rhythm that enchants as you travel from the gas-lit boulevards of Wellsboro through forests and farms to the aptly named World’s End State Park. Rocky gorges, water falls and vistas awe the viewer. Next a visit to Eagles Mere, PA ~ The village that takes you back in time as you pause under the village clock to visit the quaint shops. A rumbling ride across an authentic covered bridge will take you into the little village of Forksville with a stop at the General store for refreshments. The trip back to Wellsboro will be equally exciting with new vistas and more motorcycle friendly roads.

Canyon Vista Motorcycle Tours

Letchworth Gorge

Another proven favorite takes you from Wellsboro to the Letchworth Gorge, New York’s claim to the Grand Canyon of the East. Spectacular waterfalls abound, and you can choose to hike the trails along the gorge or follow the roadway on your bikes. Lunch will be in the elegant Glen Iris Inn, overlooking the largest falls. Along the way we have the option of making a coffee stop at a motorcycle shop/museum. The return trip will include a visit to a lovely little village that time has forgotten featuring Victorian houses, a town park circle, and a wonderful Sweet Shop where we’ll stop for ice cream and be welcomed like old friends. Returning towards Wellsboro, we’ll make a stop at the Deer Park, where you can feed the deer, buy souvenirs and stretch your legs. This will be the official end of this tour, and you can travel back to Wellsboro for dinner on your own, or stop at one of several dining places on the road, or CVMcTours can cater a festive last night evening meal.

Custom Tours

In addition to these, the Tour Director is happy to put together a custom tour to provide your group with a uniquely personalized experienced. Fill out the Customized Tour Quotation Survey that you will find on our forms page and we will provide you with a tour proposal and budget. Perhaps your group would like to mix riding with other activities. For example, if you’d like to spend some extra time in the Wellsboro area, we could book a ride on “Tony’s Trolley” which could take you out to the Junction for a train ride on Wellsboro’s Tourist Train. This could include dinner, or if you’re here on Friday night, it could be the Ice Cream Train. We can also arrange for entertainment for your tour group, or we can include tickets to our local community theatre group (Hamilton Gibson), A movie in our 4 screen Theatre, or reservations for the August Endless Mountains Music Fest. (This one depends on when you’re here and what’s happening in the area).

Multi-Day tours are available as well. Some of our riders like to come and stay for several days, using Wellsboro as home base. You can tour the complete cloverleaf, taking in all four tours listed above, select the ones you want, or have CVMcTours plan a unique adventure for your group. Your luggage stays in place at your lodging, and you travel freely, knowing that you will return in the evening.

Check each of our tour listings for sample tours and budgets based on a minimum sized group of 8 participants. Contact us to "tweak" our tours for your group, and to develop a complete budget. Prices are subject to change due to lodging and meal price changes in our highly popular tourist area.

Canyon Vista Motorcycle Tours

PLAN AHEAD! We are in a tourist area. Lodging fills quickly during the Spring, Summer and Fall months, especially on weekends. We are available for tours on Week Days as well. We prefer to plan tours at least 30 days in advance when ever possible, and are even willing to plan now for next year's tours, if your group is that organized!

Singles/Couples Tours For those of you who aren't part of a group, check this one out. On special dates we will attempt to reach a Minimum of 8 for a single/couples sign up. OR, if we have a small group going out on the dates you'd like to come, we can work you in to one of the groups, with their permission, of course.

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ page to see if we've already answered it, then give us a call at 570-439-1006 (cell) or send us an e-mail at

Ride Safe!

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